About Fort Comics

Fort Comics was an Indian Comic Publication, published by Book Fort, Delhi, India. Fort comics made its debut during the mid-90s. The publication enjoyed very low praise and popularity, because of the evolution of Raj Comics (the most popular comic publication still today). Like most of the other publishers, they could not survive in the fierce Raj and Diamond Comics battle. The other reason was that they were just average on the quality ratings. Like most of the other comics of it level, only few comics had been published, and finally the Fort Comics closed down and disappeared from the Indian Comic Scene. One more reason for the failure of the comics series, was the lack of any strong character, who could have hold the publication. Though the Fort Love Series, a side-line publication of the publishers of Fort Comics, was a great attempt to bring the heart warming and soothing love experience in the comic form, and was received and appreciated by the readers with proper respect. But the dismal fate of Fort Comics, put an end to the Fort Love Series too. ( — info by Anupam Agrawal ). 

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  1. hey bro when the Fort Love Series is been uploaded I m dying to read that from a long time.