About Pawan Comics

Along with Nutan and Prabhat, Pawan too was a worth mentioning comic publication of the Golden Era of Indian comics, who later went into oblivion. With characters like Ram-Balram, Aplam-Chapla, Sukhiram-Dukhiram and Chattan Singh, Pawan comics was going strong and held a high position in the list of Indian comics publishers.
Pawan comics started its publication in the late 80s and run through the 90s (for the most part of it). Pawan Comics too never tried to re-print any international hero in their comics, instead they shifted their attention to original character creations and their stories. In this enterprise they succeeded to a great extent and Pawan continued to be printed for years to come. The publishers started their publication with the big sized 32 pages comic book, and later reduced to the standard size like the rest of the group. In the time of downfall they kept reprinting their already popular comics again and again, in order to keep the cost minimized and no noteworthy stories were produced by them at this period until they finally closed down and said goodbye. An extremely loved and remarkable series of 'Chandrakanta Santati' was produced in the comic form by the group. The series held high reputation among comic lovers and regards as one of the most sought after series of Indian comics. (--- Info by Anupam Agrawal ).

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