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Nutan Chitrakatha (later Nutan Comics) was an Indian comics published by Nutan Pocket Books (Later Shiva Pocket Books) in the late 70s and 80s. Though being one of the pioneers of Indian Comics, the quality of the comics never rose above average and it was the prime reason that Nutan Comics never enjoyed the praise and success of its competitors Manoj or Diamond comics.

Though almost extinct now-a-days, Nutan Comics were very popular at the time. Its flagship characters like Bhootnath, Meghdoot and Mamaji are still known to vivid comic readers. Like Manoj Chitrakatha and Prabhat Chitraktha, the publication too started with big size issues at the beginning, but later shifted to the standard Indian comic size issue, and changed its name to Nutan Comics.

The story and illustrations never rose above the average level, but according to that time and considering that it was just the beginning of Indian comic era, they were pretty good. Nutan Comics last very long in its publications and was active for more than 10 years making it one of the longest running Indian comics publications. There used be more than a dozen characters with themes covering almost every genre of comics. But most of the emphasis were laid on the humor and Nutan has a whole line of comic characters to make the readers laugh, whereas it two prime figure namely Bhootnath and Meghdoot dealt with action and space traveling. Nutan Comics failed to meet up the quality of Diamond & Manoj and later closed down abruptly, but before closing down, even in its down-time it kept on re-printing its own gems - mainly the comics of Bhootnath - still its best known character.

Characters :

*Meghdoot - A character inspired by the Flash Gordon. Meghdoot travelled in the universe, in the quest to find new planets, meet new people and solve the problems there. 
*Mama Ji - An elderly character who solves problems with his wit and wisdom. 
*Muni Chacha 
*Amar Akbar 
*Aafatchand Musibatchand 

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